HCG Medical Weight Loss for Men in Salt Lake City Utah

Offering supervised medical weight loss programs to help men lose weight effectively

HCG Medical Weight Loss for Men in Salt Lake City UTWhether you are clinically obese or struggle to lose the last 10 pounds of body fat, the HCG Diet in Salt Lake City Utah can work for you. This is true even if you have had limited success with multiple different diet plans in the past. HCG, which is a naturally occurring hormone in the human body, helps to melt away fat while allowing you to retain lean muscle mass. Although HCG is commonly known to be a female hormone, it is naturally present in the bodies of both men and women in limited quantities and is safe for men to use as part of an HCG Diet plan without the risk of side effects.

The fact that the HCG Diet for men in Salt Lake City burns only fat is just one reason that it is so successful. With other diet plans, your body may experience protein deficiency or go into survival mode, automatically converting muscle mass into energy and preserving fat stores. The result is that you feel hungry and weak, causing you to give up on restricting your food intake. With the HCG diet, men are able to experience dramatic weight loss results without the side effects of hunger and fatigue as the HCG hormone burns body fat stores for energy while preserving muscle mass.

How Men Can Get Started with the HCG Diet

If you’re tired of the weight loss, weight gain cycle, the HCG Diet can help you keep the extra pounds away for good. You can also expect to lose weight much faster than you have on any other diet program in Salt Lake City. To get started, simply locate a medical weight loss professional from the Salt Lake City HCG Doctors directory who offers customized HCG Diet programs in your local area. Next, contact his or her office to schedule an HCG Diet consultation to learn more. This initial appointment gives you the opportunity to learn more about the HCG Diet for men in Salt Lake City as well as what your doctor expects of you while on it.

If you like what you hear, the next step is to submit to a physical exam and several lab tests. Your Salt Lake City HCG doctor needs to ensure that you don’t have other health conditions that would prevent you from achieving success with the plan. This background work also provides your physician with the information he or she needs to create a personalized HCG Diet plan that meets your goals for weight loss and overall physical health.

The HCG Diet Plan in Action

In order for your body to have an adequate amount of fat storage to draw energy from during the active phase of the HCG Diet, you need to consume as many calories as possible during the first two days. This is the loading phase. By the third day, you need to consume most of your calories from lean meat, protein, fruit, and vegetable sources. Your doctor in the Salt Lake City area will provide you with a suggested daily menu before you officially start the program.

Supplements such as a multivitamin and B12 may be necessary to make up for any nutrients you don’t receive from food. To stave off hunger in the early days, be sure to spread your food consumption in equal intervals throughout the day. Although you should get moderate exercise while receiving HCG and restricting calories, save the intense workouts for when you have finished the program. You don’t want to put yourself in the position of needing more calories to make up for what you have burned off during heavy exercise.

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