How the HCG Diet Can Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

Salt Lake City Utah HCG Diet Plans are Individualized to Each Individual’s Weight Loss Needs

HCG Medical Weight Loss Doctors in Salt Lake City UTIn the early 1950s, a British researcher named Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons began using the HCG hormone in his work with obese patients who were trying to lose weight. He observed that his patients didn’t display the typical symptoms of someone on a very low calorie diet, such as irritability, hunger pangs, headaches, or weakness. Dr. Simeons also noted that his patients lost more fat from adipose tissue, which meant they were able to contour their body naturally while dieting. Six decades later, patients in the Salt Lake City Utah area continue to reap the benefits from Dr. Simeons’ early work with HCG in the form of modern HCG Diet programs customized for each individual patient offered by the HCG Diet Specialists found on the Salt Lake City HCG Doctors Directory.

HCG is a hormone produced by pregnant women’s bodies to keep the developing baby nourished until the time of birth. It also ensures that the woman herself receives adequate nourishment during pregnancy. Dr. Simeons’ work came about by accident after he observed impoverished pregnant women carry to full term and give birth to healthy babies. After tracing this miraculous occurrence to the HCG hormone, he discovered that he could offer his obese patients an opportunity to slim down quickly without feeling deprived.

Are You Ready to Try Something New?

By the time people consider the HCG Diet in Salt Lake City, they have tried and likely failed at several other diet plans. In most cases, the diet was simply unrealistic to sustain long-term. After some initial weight loss success, it’s common to struggle with hunger, irritability, headaches, and fatigue. As Dr. Simeons proved in his research, these problems are not an issue for people on the Salt Lake City HCG Diet. The hormone attacks fat while preserving muscle integrity at the same time.

You can achieve unheard of weight loss results when you combine a daily dose of the HCG hormone with a low calorie diet. Once you have met your weight loss goals, you move on to the maintenance phase. An experienced HCG Doctor in Salt Lake City supervises you the entire time you are enrolled in the program. During the active phase, you agree to stick to your calorie target and choose foods from a list provided by your physician.

A Personalized Approach to Weight Loss

After trying so many other diet plans in the Salt Lake City area, the differences with the HCG Diet are obvious. You achieve better, faster results and receive ongoing personal support from the HCG Doctor of your choice. A customized approach to weight loss is another major difference with this diet plan. The doctors listed in our directory understand that every person who needs to lose weight has a different health background, diet history, and current goals for getting in shape. That’s why every HCG Diet is tailored to the unique needs of the individual. This varies considerably from the one size fits all mentality of many commercial diets.

Special Situations Are Just Fine

Your Salt Lake City HCG Diet Specialist can customize a program for just about any type of situation. If you’re a vegetarian, travel frequently, have a hormone deficiency, or are a woman who has recently given birth, be sure to let your doctor know. These are just some of the issues that have come up for others who completed the HCG Diet before you. Always remember that your doctor is here to support you no matter how much weight you want to lose or the current circumstances in your life.

Find out more about the benefits of the HCG Diet and if an HCG Diet plan may be right for you by contacting one of the HCG Diet Doctors found right here on the Salt Lake City Doctors Locator and schedule and HCG Diet consultation today!